Looking Back at NBC’s Misfits of Science


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Misfits of Science
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Dean Zanetos is an experienced director and producer of motion pictures and television programming. Over the course of an entertainment career spanning four decades, Dean Zanetos has worked on a broad scope of productions, including the TV show Misfits of Science.

Misfits of Science was a superhero fantasy series that premiered on NBC in 1985, ultimately producing 16 one hour episodes. Brandon Tartikoff, president of NBC Entertainment at the time of the original Misfits of Science run, cited Ghostbusters and National Enquirer stories as the inspiration for the show’s science fiction, action, and adventure story lines.

Starring Dean Paul Martin, Kevin Peter Hall, and Mark Thomas Miller, the show can be viewed as a forerunner of today’s popular superhero films and television shows, with a plot focusing on Dr. Billy Hayes and his Humanidyne Institute, which studied various “human anomalies” and their respective super powers. In fact, the eighth episode of the series, “Twin Engines,” represents the first ever writing credit for Tim Kring, who went on to create the immensely popular and thematically similar ABC series Heroes in 2006.


Steve Winwood’s About Time


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Steve Winwood
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Dean Zanetos is an accomplished filmmaker who undertaken several projects for Universal Pictures. He has also directed and produced a range of content for broadcast and cable television. In 2003 Dean Zanetos directed a music video to accompany the dual-CD release of the Steve Winwood album About Time.

Mr. Winwood’s eighth full-length solo recording, About Time marked four decades in the music business for the artist. After the relative failure of his previous release, 1997’s Junction Seven, Mr. Winwood abandoned the slick pop material that rocketed him to widespread popularity in the 1980s. Instead, he returned to the more sophisticated, band-oriented approach that he took in the 1960s and 1970s with the Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith, and Traffic.

Critics lauded About Time for its fusion of R&B and soul and considerable Caribbean and Latin jazz influences. With Mr. Winwood on Hammond B3 organ, the album features just two other players – guitarist Jose Pires de Almeida Neto and drummer Walfredo Reyes, Jr.

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The Directors Guild of America Offers Theater Rental Facilities


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Directors Guild of America
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After serving in the United States Army, Dean Zanetos started out as a cameraman and then worked his way up to become a notable director and producer of films and television shows such as Cliffhangers, Voyagers, and Battlestar Galactica. Dean Zanetos maintains membership in the Directors Guild of America.

With a membership of more than 17,000, the Directors Guild of America defends its members’ rights at both the artistic and legal levels. The Guild also manages state-of-the-art theater facilities in New York City and Los Angeles.

Both theater facilities have become known across the industry for their quality film screenings with the latest digital video projection and sound systems and seating designed for optimal viewing and comfort. In addition to film screenings, the theaters provide an ideal venue for business presentations, conferences, and lectures.

For more information about the Directors Guild of America and its theater facilities, visit www.dga.org.