Dean Zanetos – Cliffhangers

Dean Zanetos has produced numerous motion picture and television shows throughout his career in addition to pursuing other projects ranging from photography to screenwriting. While working for Universal Studies, Dean Zanetos launched television series such as Voyagers and Cliffhangers.

The Cliffhangers television series first aired in 1979 and actually included three separate storylines, Stop Susan Williams, The Secret Empire, and The Curse of Dracula. Each of the storylines ran for about 20 minutes during each episode before ending the segment with a cliffhanger. The only connection between the three storylines was the concept of the inevitable cliffhanger at the end of each chapter.

In Stop Susan Williams, newspaper photographer Susan Williams traveled across the world in search of clues about the death of her brother, who died investigating an international conspiracy. The Secret Empire followed the story of U.S. Marshal Jim Donner and his discovery of an alien city hidden deep beneath earth’s surface. Finally, The Curse of Dracula placed the classic vampire story close to home with vampire Michael Nouri disguised as a college professor in San Francisco.


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