The Origins and History of the Clinger Sisters

Dean Zanetos is a television and feature film producer who has additional experience as a screenwriter and director. He is currently chairman of Broadcast 3DTV, Inc., in Burbank, California. Recently, Dean Zanetos produced the 2013 documentary The Clinger Sisters – The First Girls of Rock and Roll.

Noted for their transformation from a sister act performing pop and country tunes on network television programs such Andy Williams, to an underground rock and roll group, and finally to a Christian family band, the Clinger Sisters (or The Clingers, as they are affectionately known) are comprised of sisters Peggy, Patsy, Debra, and Leesa. Growing up in a highly musical household, each sister is said to have sung before taking their first steps, and as early as grade school they had begun performing together. It was at this young age that the sisters made their first of many Andy Williams appearances, a gig that led to the girls recording an album with Danny Kaye.

By 1969, however, the sisters desired a change of appearance and sound. It was around this time that the sisters began referring to themselves as simply The Clingers and taking on a punk-influenced, garage band persona. Their cover of Vanda and Young Easybeat’s “Gonna Have a Good Time” did not receive much airplay, however, and the group resumed backing acts such as Williams, Bill Cosby, and Tom Jones. Shortly after that, the girls disbanded, but in the 1990s the group resumed performing, this time with a Christian influence. Their latest record is The Fountain.


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