Misfits of Science, Campy 1980s Science Fiction

Misfits of Science pic

Misfits of Science
Image: imdb.com

Broadcast 3DTV CEO and chairman Dean Zanetos has a varied career in film and TV, having worked as a director of photography, producer, and screenwriter on many projects. Dean Zanetos produced the pilot of the NBC TV show Misfits of Science.

The TV show aired 16 episodes starting in 1965 and starred a young Courtney Cox as a teenage mutant named Gloria with the power of telekinesis. Together with Johnny B, who has the power of lightning in his hands, Gloria works with Dr. Billy Hayes and his partner Elvin, a scientist who can shrink himself down to a tiny size, to fight crime. The characters work for an American think tank called Humanidyne trying to do good despite their evil boss, who tries to sell dangerous superweapons to the American government.

The show has a rating of 7.4 from IMDB and 7.7 on TV.com, a DVD of the full series was released in Germany, and clips are readily available on YouTube. Having fit well into the campy, fantasy and science fiction trends of film and TV in the 1980s, and involving the still-resonant basic idea of the comic book X-Men, the show maintains a small following of people who love it earnestly or nostalgically today and continue to write blogs and histories of it online.


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