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Before Friends: Courteney Cox Stars in Misfits of Science

Misfits of Science pic

Misfits of Science
Image: imdb.com

As the chairman and CEO of Broadcast 3DTV, Dean Zanetos oversees the company’s production of a glasses-free 3D viewing experience and a 3D lens adapter for smartphones. Prior to joining the company, Dean Zanetos produced numerous TV movies and series, including a pilot for the Misfits of Science, which debuted on NBC in 1985.

The fantasy series, which lasted just one season, featured a group of humans with super powers who worked for a scientific research facility known as the Humanidyne Institute. One of the characters, a troubled teenager with telekinetic powers named Gloria Dinallo, was played by Courteney Cox, who was 21 years old at the time. Cox had appeared in episodes of The Love Boat, As the World Turns, and Murder She Wrote, but Misfits of Science was her first co-starring role on a television series.

Though the series was short-lived, she later earned a recurring role on Family Ties, made a guest appearance on Seinfeld, and by 1994 was cast as Monica Geller in Friends, a popular NBC series that lasted 10 seasons.