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The Legend of the Golden Gun – A 1970s Western With Civil War Focus


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The Legend of the Golden Gun
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Based in Southern California, Dean Zanetos is a respected screenwriter, director, and producer who has worked on such programs as Battlestar Galactica and Misfits of Science. Dean Zanetos also assisted in the production of The Legend of the Golden Gun, a well-received 1979 Western that was made for television and starred Dragnet lead Jeffrey Osterhage.

Set in the Civil War, the plot of the movie revolves around John Golden being nearly killed by a notorious outlaw on the Confederate side. Left for dead, he is found by Joshua Brown, a runaway slave who quotes the Bible and helps him return to health. Desiring revenge, John Golden comes under the tutelage of a legendary gunslinger and learns how to handle his chosen weapon in critical situations.

Following its release, the movie was characterized as similar to the blockbuster Star Wars in its good versus evil and mentorship themes. The film is unique in incorporating General Custer as a character as well and in exploring historical incidents of the American West.